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Canoesys Staffing Solutions is aggressive when asked by clients to provide supplemental staff. Our response is fast and our rates are guaranteed to be the lowest.A strong offering of supplemental IT staffing under a time and materials contract We understand that clients know what skills are needed for their particular project. Client managers are best qualified to select the staff that are needed and are prepared to involve the contractor to supplement their current team. Also, we understand that client managers are prepared and very qualified to provide project manage skills to oversee the staff of contractors. Simply, client managers need help finding qualified supplemental staffing at a low contract hourly rate. That is where Canoesys Staffing Solutions comes in.

Contact Canoesys personal with your staffing requirements. We will guarantee in most cases to propose qualified candidates within 24 hours. Canoesys recruiters follow a disciplined recruiting and screening process to qualify candidates.

Here is our Candidate Screen and Presentation process :

  • Phone screen for availability and technical skills
  • Reference check of at least two recent managers
  • Obtain written permission from candidate to submit to your requirement
  • Self-assessment of technical skills
  • Tech-check of relevant technical skills
  • In-person interview if available
  • Background check if client requests
  • Drug check if client requests
  • Propose a phone screen
  • Evaluate the phone screen results

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